July 18, 2024

For the Future woodcut by Richard V. Correll

In a world full of asses, 

it’s hard to address the elephant in the room

The more you hit the red or blue 

you realize you end up with nothing but purple bruises 

I’m not sure if you knew this  

but there is no such thing as choosing the lesser evil

Neither of them care for the people 

To them we are docile sheeples clinging to their teat 

Sucking on the lies they feed


I don’t mean to be harsh

But your bodies fill their jails

Your labor cemented their mansions

The bones of your ancestors lay beneath their redlined districts

Your hands forage and build their tables and whats on it


Remember that you chose them 

If there was ever a choice

They both work for the same system 

Working to eradicate your voice

Your suffering to them is white noise 

Light chatter in the grand scheme

To amass wealth on a silver platter for the one percent 


Dear 99, Purple bruises do fade away, but only if we tend to it,

We must heal through division, mend ourselves and rise

Embracing the richness of our diversity 

Understanding that nothing is broken

Everything is working just as it was designed

They’ll tell you we can fix it 

They’ll tell you all good books pass through several revisions

Know that you were never included in their story 

And that the only part their fixing is how to embolden their victory 

At your expense, lump you into their trauma

So tell me are you voting for pence, trump or obama.