July 18, 2024

The recent killing of a pregnant African-American woman by police gunfire in the USA has generated widespread disgust.

A 29-year-old pregnant woman tragically lost her life in Ohio when a police officer, who had conducted a search of her in a grocery store parking lot, shot her after she refused to exit her vehicle.

The police action was initiated following a tip from a grocery store employee, who reported that a woman had allegedly stolen bottles of alcohol and was sitting in a parked car.

Newly released police dashcam footage clearly depicts the officer firing his weapon at the pregnant woman through her car windshield. This footage contradicts claims that the 29-year-old had assaulted officers with her vehicle.

The incident in Ohio once again highlights the issue of police violence, particularly against the most poor and vulnerable sections of American society.

Racism, violence, authoritarianism and exploitation are at the heart of our so-called “democracy”. Whether we are governed by Republicans or Democrats, the people of the US are suffering from poverty, destitution, racism and state violence.

The greatest response to state violence and repression is the intensity of our struggles for the life and future we deserve.