May 20, 2024

JACKSONVILLE, FL – On Saturday, August 26, a Black worker, along with two other Black people, one a student, fell victim to the hands of a fascist assailant. This incident is not the first, but another addition to the grim cycle of violent, racist attacks. Once again, fascists demonstrate their role as fervent defenders of the system, acting as the enforcers for capital. The state and federal authorities strive to divert attention from their considerable accountability in this catastrophe. Instead, local officials obscure the truth by citing “individual choice” as an excuse, while the media exacerbates tensions between white and black people. At every turn, they ignore that fascists are a byproduct of the decay within this system who carry out their targets which are chosen by the fascist, Nazi ideology.

The Florida government bears heavy responsibility for nurturing racism and scapegoating oppressed peoples as culprits for the crises inherent in capitalism. It has promoted a political discourse that attributes the decline of society to its most marginalized segments. Under the guise of “wokeness,” the history of Black and other exploited and oppressed peoples of the US is treated as menacing to the education of the upcoming generations.

In his statements, Governor Ron DeSantis said, “what he did is totally unacceptable in the state of Florida.” For his part, Biden offers “prayers” and the illusions that it is enough to just speak up. The Biden administration has not noticed what is going on in our neighborhoods. Joining the DeSantis administration, the Biden government also turns a blind eye when fascists demonstrate on the corners of our communities. These same thugs have regularly appeared in Jacksonville, projecting swastikas on buildings. Despite the on-going cover up operations, we know that today the fascists murder Black people, and that tomorrow they will turn their guns against the movement of the workers and people. 

Images: Nazis demonstrating in Florida and swastika projected onto Jacksonville building.

Confronting us is a hostile state that permits entire factions of branded Nazis to take to the streets under the guise of “free speech.” This very state allows Nazis to purchase weapons and snuff out lives, yet dispatches police units into working-class neighborhoods for evictions and violent crackdowns. Biden and all the governments of the past, despite repeated complaints, does not take any substantial measures to deal with the actions of fascist groups that act like gangs and attempt to create a climate of terror among the people.

Image: Firearm of the fascist murderer collected by Jacksonville Sheriffs Department.

The working class, the populace, and the youth must jointly condemn and isolate the actions of the fascists within our neighborhoods. We must refuse to grant any further foothold to the ideology and activities of these fascists. The struggle of the people will crush these thugs of the bosses and put them in the dustbin of history.