May 20, 2024

On Tuesday, September 14, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for an investigation by the relevant committees in the United States House of Representatives to explore the possibility of impeaching President Joe Biden. This move underscores the intra-urban confrontations between the two parties In other words, the escalating divisions within the US political system. 

The investigation proposal focuses on the period when Biden served as Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. During this time, his son, Hunter Biden, engaged in lucrative business activities in Ukraine and China, leading some critics to argue that he leveraged his father’s position and access to the White House for personal gain.

McCarthy stated that Joe Biden had “misled” the American people regarding his son’s controversial overseas dealings and emphasized that the investigation would proceed based on “where the evidence leads us.”

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress has the authority to impeach the President for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Calls for initiating the impeachment process have been ongoing for months, primarily from the faction of Republicans, known as the Freedom Caucus, aligned with former President Trump, with whom McCarthy had to negotiate extensively to secure the presidency in January.

If the impeachment motion successfully passes the U.S. House and advances to the Senate, where Democrats hold a narrow majority, it would require a two-thirds majority to succeed. Such an outcome has never occurred with a sitting U.S. President.

These confrontations come in the context of the impending 2024 elections where the use of scandals and trials in the courts are a convenient tool for manipulating popular support. The two big parties of the bourgeoisie try to use scandals, such as the indictments of Trump and Hunter Biden, as the material for the rearrangement of the political scene. The common factor is the so-called “draining the swamp” which is an impossibility since the exploitative power of the monopolies gives rise to scandals. 

Both parties are attempting to restore confidence in the bourgeois political system, whether through calls for “limiting government” for “states’ rights” or “finishing the job”. They attempt to pin the blame on politicians in order to obscure the fact that scandals and corruption are inherent to the capitalist system which is served by plutocratic party politics. They are trying to convince the people of the US that it is enough to purge the parties of the corrupt politicians. 

Of course, under no circumstances should the involvement of politicians in scandals be forgiven. What must be highlighted is the result of the politics and actions of the parties themselves, since they consciously serve a system that prioritizes the interests of businesses and profitability.  The parties of the capitalists are assigned the role of managing the capitalist system while it breeds exploitation, poverty and impoverishment. This whole climate is a direct reflection of the rot of the bourgeois political system which tries to incorporate this corrosiveness into their plans. 

The dysfunctional character of this system predates the scandals since the worsening of peoples’ lives is constant. It is becoming more obvious that what is going bankrupt are all the anti-people and anti-worker management policies of the capitalist system. The system does not collapse by itself, nor is there room for such delusions. 

It is now a requirement of the times to reorganize the workers’-peoples’ movement on a class basis; for the liberation of the workers from the Republicans, the Democrats, and the parties of social democracy; to break with the rotten political system; to reorganize the communist party for the preparation of the victorious counterattack.