July 18, 2024

In the aftermath of the Presidential debate, President Joe Biden is the main loser against Republican candidate Donald Trump, sparking discussions about potentially changing the Democratic candidate for the upcoming November presidential elections. The two candidates clashed on issues like abortion, immigration, the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, and economic management while also engaging in personal attacks. Although polls indicate a close race, Trump currently leads in several swing states that often determine the election outcome.

In the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, about a fifth of voters remain undecided. Following the debate, where 81-year-old Biden often seemed at a loss for words, there was significant backlash from Democratic circles. David Axelrod, a key strategic advisor to former President Obama, told CNN there will be “discussions” about whether he should continue as the party leader. At the same time, some lawmakers described Biden’s performance as “disastrous.”

During the debate, Trump accused Biden of not being tough on trade with China. He also claimed that Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, and Vladimir Putin “have no respect” for Biden, asserting that the Democrat is “leading the country into World War III.” What was clear is that both remain firm in their desire to continue commitment to the murderous Israeli state, the domination of the monopolies, and their mockery of the people with their stale attempts at hegemony.

Headlines in US media declared, “Democrats are in a panic.” The Washington Post reported widespread surprise at Biden’s negative image, from the halls of Congress to campaign donors and among Democrats gathered in various settings nationwide to support him.

In a CNN poll conducted immediately after the debate, when asked, “Who would you vote for in the election?” 48% chose Trump, 40% chose Biden, 2% selected “both,” and 11% responded “none.”

It is important to emphasize that those responding “none” recognize that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats offer a way out. That one in ten voters are now choosing to reject the logic of the lesser of evils bodes well for the prospects of the revolutionary movement in the US.

Currently, no fighting alternatives or paths forward exist for the workers and people. Between the Democrats, the Republicans, and the existing “alternatives”—Jill Stein, Cornel West, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chase Oliver, Claudia de la Cruz, etc.—none of them will change our situation. The only real option for the working class is to organize, resist, and fight to transform reality in service of their class interests. This means joining the ranks of those struggling to rebuild the only vehicle that can lead this revolutionary transformation of society: the Communist Party.