May 20, 2024

Military support for Ukraine continues unabated amid its counteroffensive. The Biden government has announced the 41st package of support to Kiev in the amount of $500 million. This package includes nearly 50 armored vehicles of the Bradley and Stryker makes, missiles for Patriot air defense systems, HIMARS self-propelled launchers, and mine-clearing equipment. 

The new package of military aid, according to the Pentagon, “includes essential supplies to support Ukrainian counteroffensive operations, strengthen its air defenses…and other equipment that will enable Kiev to repel Russian invaders”. All supplies will come from the US Army Inventory. 

In total, the US has given Kiev equipment worth more than $40 billion since the start of the Russian invasion. 

The imperialist conflict is exacting a heavy toll on the people of Ukraine and Russia, with its consequences emanating from monopoly capitalism. Furthermore, while funds continue to pour into Ukraine, workers in the United States endure low wages, steep rises in living costs, and unfavorable conditions of intense and overtime labor. As workers strive to make ends meet, a significant portion of their earnings is siphoned off through taxes for armaments that cater to NATO’s demands. The bourgeoisie, through their monopolies and state apparatus, tighten their grip on the working class, ultimately benefiting at the expense of the workers in both instances.

The CWPUSA rejects the pretexts used by both sides in the conflict and the derivative opportunist theories which associate Russia’s role with “denazification” and “anti-imperialism”. 

For the working class, it is essential for us to carve out our own distinct trajectory and enhance the ongoing class struggle against monopolies, bourgeois classes, and imperialist wars. Our ultimate goal is to dismantle the capitalist system and establish socialism.