July 18, 2024

During his recent address to the UN General Assembly, President Joe Biden called upon global leaders to stand in solidarity with Ukraine against Russia.

In his speech, Biden emphasized that Russia cannot expect the world to turn a blind eye to its actions in Ukraine, and he pledged continued support from the US and its allies in defense of “freedom.” This freedom, however, was the pretext used by the US in their imperialist butchering of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, and Libya, among others.

On Thursday, the Biden administration hosted Ukrainian President Zelensky at the White House and in Congress, where he claimed that Ukraine is “winning.” Yet, it raises the question of what is truly gained by soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the interests of capitalists, both in Ukraine and abroad. These soldiers often face wage cuts, denial of basic rights, and legal battles to obtain promised benefits.

Zelensky also visited the Pentagon, where he met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Recent weeks have seen debates among lawmakers and senators regarding the authorization of new military and economic assistance to Ukraine, requested by Biden in the amount of $24 billion. As part of Zelensky’s visit, Biden announced a separate security package of $325 million, which includes cluster munitions and ammunition for HIMARS rocket artillery systems. Additionally, 31 Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine next week.

These actions by the Biden administration should not come as a surprise, given its history of supporting US imperialist plans. This history includes Biden’s backing of interventions in the Balkans in the mid-90s. During President Bill Clinton’s tenure, Biden played a key role in pushing for a war against the former Yugoslavia with the aim of achieving Kosovo’s secession. Thus, both past and present Democrats share the economic and foreign policies of intra-imperialist struggle for global supremacy, similar to the Trump administration.

Zelensky concluded his day with a visit to the National Archives and a speech in which he praised Ukrainian soldiers and thanked the US for its support, which he claimed had “saved millions of lives.” The Ukrainian First Lady also emphasized the “spiritual” importance of the fight for Ukraine.

While previous substantial American support packages for Ukraine have received broad bipartisan backing from both Democrats and Republicans, some Republican congressmen, especially those associated with the Freedom Caucus, have expressed reservations, citing concerns over military aid spending. Against the backdrop of the presidential election, they are outlining conditions for the proposed aid package, demanding greater transparency and accountability regarding the utilization of military aid.

It’s worth noting that Republicans currently hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives. This resistance, however, should not be confused with opposition to imperialism but rather reflects a strategic approach that opposes “big government” and aims to transfer government responsibilities to monopolies under the guise of “states’ rights.”

For communists, it is essential to expose the so-called “opposition” to the war in Ukraine by Republicans and to reveal the opportunism of certain organizations, such as the Party of Communists of the USA and the Center for Political Innovation, which have formed alliances with Republican factions that claim to “oppose” the war.

Communists must develop a policy to guide the actions of workers and the people in opposing the war through struggle, independent of the plans of bourgeois parties.