May 20, 2024

In the wake of the ongoing genocide against Palestinians, demonstrations and political activism have coalesced around the rallying cry of “ceasefire now.” This reform movement seeks a “permanent ceasefire,” a demand that falls short of a solution while maintaining the oppression of Palestinians through a peace upheld by the barrel of a gun, a strategy the CWPUSA has previously criticized. Recently, the movement has added a strategy of “voting uncommitted” in the Democratic primary to “pressure” the Biden administration into supporting a ceasefire by withholding supposedly guaranteed votes. However, this strategy only deepens the contradictions inherent in the reformist coalitions.

From the outset, the strategy diverts the energy of organizers and the masses into the Democratic Party’s orbit, aiming to convince Biden and his administration. There are several problems with this approach:

  1. It positions the DNC as a battleground for the working class.
  2. It relies on the ineffective strategy of trying to push the President “left.”
  3. It leaves the working class without a political vehicle to voice its interests in the general elections and beyond.

Organizations such as DSA and PSL have adopted this strategy, a reflection of their continued opportunism. For instance, Liberation News published a statement from the Cruz/Garcia campaign stating:

“Our campaign and the PSL call on those who are voting in the Democratic primary to not vote for Biden: vote uncommitted, “none of the above,” or, where that is not possible, leave the top of the ticket blank.”

This strategy has been incorporated into the PSL presidential candidates’ platform, suggesting that Democratic Party voters should vote uncommitted and then vote “socialist” in the general election. The DSA obviously will not jeopardize the leadership of its party, making it unworthy of further mention. This fact brings us to the inherent contradiction within the strategy and the broader mishandling of efforts to develop class consciousness and support the Palestinian struggle for national liberation.

There is a dire necessity in the US to establish a party of the proletariat, to bring our communist ideas and Soviet methods to the people, and to develop our communist cadre in preparation for the dismantling of the bourgeois state machinery. So why are these organizations instructing workers to participate in a bourgeois party’s primary election? What does this achieve for the proletariat? If they succeed in “sending a message,” what outcomes can we expect? Biden wins the nomination, and we get a bourgeois candidate? Biden loses the nomination, and we get a different bourgeois candidate? The logic attacks Biden but fundamentally frames his support for Israel as a personal stance rather than an extension of bourgeois interests at a time when we should be working to break off the workers from the bourgeois parties entirely.

Organizations like PSL acknowledge that Biden “can’t be moved left” yet adopt strategies rooted in the premise that he can. This contradiction reflects their tendency to prioritize popularity over a scientific outlook, as seen in their mishandling of their response to the imperialist war in Ukraine. Workers aren’t “uncommitted” but are staunchly committed to their interests, while these organizations waver in their commitment to anything but prolonging revolution.

The Communist Workers Platform is disadvantaged due to our small size and emergent nature. Thus, we cannot yet present the party of the proletariat as an alternative to bourgeois formations. However, we cannot endorse voting uncommitted in the Democratic Primary. Instead, we will maintain our slogans and position for:

  1. The establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
  2. The cessation of all financial support for Israel’s imperialist ambitions.
  3. The continued effort to rebuild the communist party in the United States.

Our demands in support of the Palestinian people will never compromise their interests to their oppressors, and we encourage them to challenge the opportunists seeking to sell them out.