July 18, 2024


The Communist Workers’ Platform USA stands in solidarity with the Palestinian Youth Movement and the broader struggle for Palestinian liberation. We fully endorse the recent statement by the PYM and echo their condemnation of the Israeli state’s ongoing genocide against the people of Palestine.

We condemn President Biden and the Democratic Party for their unwavering support of Israel and Zionism. The brutal military aggression, illegal settlements, and human rights violations against Palestinians are inexcusable acts of violence. Despite the growing outcry against Israeli atrocities, the Biden administration continues to provide military aid and political backing to the Zionist regime, perpetuating the suffering of the Palestinian people. This complicity in genocide exposes the hypocrisy of their professed commitment to human rights and justice as a mask to conceal their true allegiance to the capitalist class.

We further condemn the attacks against Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists, including those from Within Our Lifetime and other organizations courageously standing against Israeli aggression. The smear campaigns and attempts to suppress these voices of resistance are deplorable tactics employed to silence dissent and stifle the Palestinian liberation movement.

We reject the characterization of anyone supporting Israel as “progressive,” “leftist,” or “socialist,” including the Democratic Socialists of America and its representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, and Bernie Sanders, who have shown what have always been their true colors through their endorsement of Biden and support for Israeli policies. Their actions have demonstrated their unshakable commitment to imperialist and Zionist interests, to the entire capitalist-imperialist system, exposing the mockery they have made of the term socialism, diverting energy away from the revolutionary movement to their grifts, lies, and insults towards the demands of the workers and people.

We also reject the “lesser of two evils” rhetoric, often employed as a tactic to browbeat leftist voters into supporting Democratic candidates, as a distraction from the crucial task of building the independent, revolutionary organization of the proletariat. The Democratic Party does not represent a meaningfully separate evil from the Republican Party; both parties are complicit in maintaining and advancing imperialist agendas that oppress and exploit marginalized communities worldwide, including the Palestinians. To support one imperialist party in opposition to another is to accept a false dichotomy that undermines the revolutionary struggle.

Palestinian liberation is a critical component of the internationalist movement for socialism-communism today. The fight against imperialism and genocide in Palestine is inseparable from the global struggle for the liberation of all oppressed peoples. As we continue our effort to rebuild the Communist Party in the United States, the CWPUSA is committed to standing with the Palestinian people and all revolutionary movements fighting for justice, equality, and self-determination.