May 20, 2024

The CWPUSA strongly condemns sexist and homophobic attacks and the individuals responsible for them. We believe that such attacks should be met with stricter penalties, such as ensuring that people that perpetuate hate crimes see legal repercussions as many are never even prosecuted. We also call for the implementation of protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We recognize the importance of fostering respect, solidarity, and collectivity regardless of gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.

The CWPUSA acknowledges that reactionary attacks on LGBTQ+ individuals are a direct consequence of the capitalist crisis. We firmly believe that the only way to ensure their safety and dignity is through the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism which clears the way for individual rights to begin to truly flourish. This is because capitalism promotes an adversarial concept of individuality, which leaves the youth, workers, and people vulnerable to exploitation by the monopolies in their pursuit of profit. For LGBTQ+ people, this leads to an emphasis on individual acts, such as “coming out” or “showing pride,” as the main methods of overcoming stigma and oppression that leaves out the need to find its root causes. Under the bloody path of capitalist development, there is no recognition of individual rights in interpersonal relationships.

Recent reactionary measures taken by various states have elicited a response from opportunist forces on the so-called “left,” who consciously or unconsciously support the more cosmopolitan and “progressive” wing of the US bourgeoisie. These opportunists inadvertently advance the agenda of ruling class factions that aim to present a more humane and acceptable facade for their dominion. 

We condemn the hypocrisy of these “progressive groups” that overshadow social rights with individual rights. Their actions often focus solely on the right to choose sexual orientation or identity while remaining silent on the economic and political conditions necessary for genuine freedom of choice. They promote unrestricted subjectivism in determining an individual’s social position, often referred to as “self-determination,” without considering objective assessments or social and class contexts. Communists must mobilize and educate the working class to reject theories that divide people into isolated “communities.”

The capitalists have shown how easily they co-opt social movements and detach them from the broader struggle of the working class. Even the struggles of LGBTQ+ people are repackaged and commodified, reducing them to mere consumer goods.

We firmly believe that no one should be excluded from enjoying modern social rights in education or healthcare. Everyone should be guaranteed stable employment, protected by collective labor agreements that include comprehensive labor insurance rights and a general reduction of working hours to allow for free time and creative development. A person’s sexuality or gender should have no bearing on their ability to live a full life free from ostracization, legal disenfranchisement, and threats of harm.