May 20, 2024

On April 1, Israel launched a criminal attack against the Iranian consulate in Syria, killing 16 people, as part of a broader conflict with Iran and neighboring Arab states that has escalated following the events of October 7. In retaliation, on April 13, Iran launched a combined drone and missile strike against Israel. Now, the conflict between the two states reaches dangerous proportions. The Israeli occupation, its genocide against the Palestinian people, bolstered by the backing of the USA, NATO, and the EU, alongside Israeli incursions into Syria and Lebanon, as well as the imperialist tensions in the Red Sea involving Euro-Atlantic military presence all converge to escalate the risk of widespread conflict, unleashing consequences which will take the largest toll on the peoples of the region. 

The Biden administration, along with the complicity of other Democrats, the Republicans, the “Squad” of the DSA, and other parties, is deeply implicated in two imperialist wars: Ukraine and the Middle East. Biden, like many Western rulers, initially stated that a large-scale conflict would be a mistake. However, after the Israeli response to Iran’s actions, it was none other than the United States that provided the majority of support to Zionism and is increasing economic aid to the genocide. Every day it becomes clearer that US imperialism and its allies want to extend the armed conflict in the Middle East; they seek a large-scale war due to their loss of economic power and political interference with the global capitalist system. 

The CWPUSA calls upon workers and people to join the students of the universities, to unite in linking the struggle for the liberation of Palestine with the fight against imperialist war and the struggle against the Biden government for demanding the immediate withdrawal of support from Israel and the disengagement of the US from imperialist wars. People must escalate demands for the closure of US military bases and infrastructure and the return of all troops to the country. They must reject being drawn into the bloodthirsty pursuit of the US bourgeoisie’s interests and firmly condemn the Biden government, NATO, and Euro-Atlantic parties. Any attempts by the representatives of social democracy to assimilate the movement, to integrate themselves into the ongoing battles, like the recent endeavor by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez at Colombia University, should be firmly barred without exception. From this stems the necessity to reconstitute the communist party in our country to finally overthrow the capitalist system that breeds misery, murder, poverty, wars, refugees, corruption, and anarchy. Unless we act decisively, workers will once again be dragged into the whirlwind of imperialist barbarity.

We reiterate our condemnation of the ongoing genocide carried out by Israel in Palestine, which has now claimed the lives of over thirty thousand Palestinians—including over thirteen thousand children—and our call for an independent and sovereign Palestinian state. Furthermore, we urge all communists in the US and internationally to stand with the people of Palestine in their struggle for liberation and the right to return. The fight against Zionism is inseparable from the fight against imperialism.

We have nothing to gain from confrontations between capitalists.

For the liberation of Palestine!

No to Imperialist War!