July 18, 2024

The Biden administration took office with a promise to put a stop to the “endless wars” in the Middle East and end support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which had received wholehearted support from the Trump administration. In the words of Comrade Che Guevara: “You cannot trust imperialism. In no way at all!” As with all management staff of the capitalist system, deals are signed with their left hand and with their right hand, a path is cleared for the seizure of mineral wealth and critical geostrategic positions. It is no different with Yemen, a country which has been the center of decades of imperialist interventions and wars.

Over the years, the US, in collaboration with NATO and the EU, has deployed military forces and undertaken military missions in this crucial region. As part of the ongoing “Operation Guardian Prosperity” the bombing campaign in Yemen by the US-UK, supported by various imperialist powers and initiated without US Congressional approval, further amplifies the risk of a widespread conflict in the Middle East. 

Under the pretext of “protecting the free flow of international trade,” the US and its allies are seeking to assert control over the Red Sea region, marking a heightened escalation in their imperialist competition with China, Russia, and Iran. Notably, in December, the US experienced a 1.5% decrease in exports and a 1% drop in imports, while the EU saw declines of 2% and 3.1%, respectively. In contrast, China recorded a boost in exports by 1.3% and an increase in imports by 3.1%.

The imperialist blocs’ rivalries hinge on competition to control nearly 12% of international trade, representing approximately one-third of commercial ship routes and a turnover exceeding $1 trillion. This confrontation seeks dominance over a crucial route—the Bab el-Mandeb Strait serving as the southern entrance into the Red Sea and the northward path to the Suez Canal. This route is pivotal for the majority of maritime trade between Asia and Europe, encompassing the transportation of 4.7 million barrels of oil daily.

The fall in global trade makes the falsehood that these bombings serve to “defend our people” even more apparent. Despite the rhetoric, the ruling classes are driven to safeguard the major shipping monopolies, international supply chains, and the valorization of goods. It is for this reason that the Biden administration has been entrusted to secure the dominance of the US within the imperialist system. 

The CWPUSA condemns these attacks on Yemen which have no basis in protecting against attacks from Houthi rebels. The only thing that this operation aims to protect are the interests of capital, to secure the domination of the region by the US-NATO and its allies in the EU and to support the occupying state of Israel that is massacring the Palestinian people. These interests are alien to the working class. They represent a step closer to a generalized conflict in the region in which the working class will be made, in the name of capital, to pay with their lives. 

The CWPUSA demands the cancelation of the Biden administration’s the transnational military operation, “Operation Guardian Prosperity”, as well as the complete and permanent withdrawal of all US military forces from missions outside the borders, to end cooperation with the murderous state of Israel which is the source of the explosive situation in the Middle East. We call for the intensification of the popular mobilizations against the Biden administration and its imperialist interventions to link the struggle against this new escalation with the current uprisings for the liberation of Palestine. 

Now it is necessary to strengthen our vigilance and opposition to these plans, to strengthen the struggle for cession of all military operations outside the country, for the termination of missions abroad, for the closure of US bases, for the territories of other countries to stop being used as a launching pad for wars against other peoples.

In the workplaces, the schools, the neighborhoods, we do not concede

Neither land, nor sea, nor air for the imperialists!

Not a single dollar more for imperialist war!

Central Committee of the Communist Workers’ Platform of the USA