May 20, 2024

On Saturday, October 7, Palestinian militants led by Hamas launched a combined rocket and ground offensive against Israel, breaking through the Gaza barrier and entering Israeli-occupied territory. Now, the Netanyahu government has declared a state of war, the first since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, with opposition parties now advocating for a unity government. The implication, naturally, is that the past 50 years of apartheid and oppression constitute a “state of peace.” We, however, will not pretend that this violence suddenly fell from the sky.

The Biden government, meanwhile, has exposed itself again with its pledge of “unqualified support” for Israel as the fighting continues, authorizing new shipments of ammunition, warships, and warplanes to the Middle East. This announcement demonstrates, yet again, that the policies of the current Democratic government differ little from that of the Republicans under Donald Trump, which similarly helped to escalate the Israeli–Palestinian conflict by, among other things, illegally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017. Let us not forget that the US, under successive Democratic and Republican governments and in concert with the EU and its allies, has supported the apartheid state of Israel throughout its existence.

The Communist Workers’ Platform USA, in solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle for survival in defense of their rights, condemns the State of Israel for the criminal displacement and systemic persecution of the Palestinian people. We further denounce the US government, past and present, for their role in enabling Israeli aggression against the Palestinians and other peoples of the region.

We call on the people of the US, with the communists at the forefront, to organize alongside the Palestinian diaspora in agitating for an end to US military-political support of Israel and the recognition by the US government of the State of Palestine. Further, we demand an end to all settlement activities by Israel.

We call on the workers of the railroad companies, arms factories, shipping firms, and dockworkers to boycott the supply of military equipment to Israel. We encourage you to mobilize your unions at the local and national levels to express support for the Palestinian people and demand an end to the Zionist and imperialist plans of the US and Israel.

Though this will not conclude the conflict between the Israeli people and the Arab world—only socialism can achieve that—achieving a lasting peace in this struggle is only attainable through the continuous expansion of a steadfast fight against imperialism.

For a free Palestine!

The resistance of the Palestinian people will win!