June 13, 2024

The Mexican elections concluded on June 2 with the victory of MORENA and its candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum. This marks the first time in history that Mexico has elected a woman as president. While many opportunists worldwide applaud these “historic and progressive” victories for the working class of Mexico, liberals are primarily focused on the fact that a woman has been elected, mirroring the bourgeois political conceptions pushed since the 2016 elections in the US, when Hilary Clinton was the Democratic Party candidate. It is evident that both perspectives divert popular anger and unrest into the bourgeois political system, attempting to channel the interests of the workers and people into intra-bourgeois conflicts. This disorientation and confusion aim to siphon militant energy away from the only option that fights for a new future: the Communist Party of Mexico (PCM)

Sheinbaum does not share the conditions of the working class. Though she is a woman, she has no understanding of the specific conditions faced by working women, such as violence, exploitation, lack of healthcare, and a lack of workplace rights. Under the previous president, AMLO, also from MORENA, the issue of femicide persisted, with up to 11 women disappearing daily. Under Sheinbaum, the institutions responsible for addressing these issues remain unchanged. Reforms alone cannot resolve the violence against women; only the overthrow of capitalism can.

Sheinbaum’s victory signifies a continuation of the policies of the 4th Transformation and the facade of social democracy. These policies perpetuate the militarization of Mexico, the TMEC, and the agendas of monopolies. It is an extension of the six years of anti-worker and anti-popular policies under AMLO.

Sheinbaum is focused on ensuring favorable conditions for the monopolies in Mexico, derived from the economic rivalry between the capitalist interests of the US and China. Her goal, alongside the other candidates which ran, is to transform Mexico into a key production and storage hub for goods needed by North American consumers, rather than expanding the country’s productive base to meet local needs. The public budget will continue to be ravaged and the workers are promised to the monopolies as sources of higher profits: low wages, lack of class-union organization, and the further expansion of the mechanisms of a police state. Contrary to the claims of the presidential candidates of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), this has no place being considered “progressive”. MORENA is not a representative of the Left. 

This is the “conscious capitalism” that confronts the working class, the plan which the opportunists in our country, the PSL, park themselves [1, 2]. Thus, it is no surprise that the PSL intended to send Gloria La Riva as an electoral observer in the Mexican elections – an action which does not signify an impartial status, but a measure of support of one or the other sides of the bourgeoisie. Ultimately, she did not attend, but the PSL nevertheless, sent two observers in her place in order to endorse and legitimize the electoral process as part of the so-called “progressive left”, backing the anti-worker and anti-popular project of Sheinbaum. The deepening ties between the opportunists in the US and social democracy abroad cannot be overlooked. 

What the opportunists overlook is the vitalization of the communists. While they congratulate the representatives of capital, the party of the working class stands as the only fortified and advancing option. 

With our proletarian brothers and sisters of Mexico, comrades, the Communists Workers Platform (CWP) advances shoulder-to-shoulder, for a Mexico for the workers. 

Elige Luchar! 

We choose to fight!

Central Committee of the CWPUSA