June 14, 2024

The CWPUSA has been conducting ground work, participating in local rallies, and distributing propaganda. As the CWPUSA slowly but surely builds its forces, it stands out amongst local formations as it rejects falling opportunistically into the trends calling for a “ceasefire,” a demand which fails to fully approach the fundamentals of the issue. A ceasefire is merely peace at gunpoint. Instead, the CWPUSA holds its demands for as follows:

  1. A free and independent Palestine within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital and the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes, based on the respective UN resolutions.
  2. The immediate release of all Palestinians and other political prisoners from Israeli prisons.
  3. The cessation of all economic, political, and military cooperation with the genocidal state of Israel and the promotion of the recognition of the Palestinian State.

The CWPUSA refuses to give up its objectives, it’s slogans, it’s calls to action, on the basis that it stands as a minority amongst local organizations, but instead stands resolute in its solidarity of the Palestinian people. Thus, the forces we build and gather will do the same.

The CWPUSA holds true for a free Palestine!

The resistance of the Palestinian people will win!

Build the communist party!

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