May 20, 2024

On Saturday 13 April, 2024, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava issued a statement condemning Iran’s drone and missile strikes on Israel. Her statement placed the blame solely on Iran for escalating the conflict in the region [1], ignoring 6 months of ceaseless war and genocide by Israel on the Palestinians in Gaza and the immediate cause of Iran’s attacks. The audacity to erase the context of just the past week when Israel bombed Iran’s embassy in Damascus, killing 16 – including a brigadier general of the IRGC. To be clear, Iran is acting in the interest of its own ruling capitalist class and opposes Israel only insofar as their imperialist designs for greater control of resources, trade routes, etc. in the region are threatened by the “Zionist entity.”

Mayor Levine Cava’s statement is as hypocritical as it is insulting. The mayor has not made mention of the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. Since the start of her administration, Levine Cava has cultivated an image of an “eco-friendly”, progressive-minded political leader. In reality, she is a willing agent of the capitalist class and an enemy of the working class in Miami and abroad. Following the October 7 attack by Hamas, Levine Cava announced that the city of Miami would invest an additional amount $25 million in Israeli bonds, bringing the total to $76 million.[2] This is demonstrable, material support for Israel’s genocide on the Palestinian people. What, by any stretch of the imagination, is “progressive” about supporting genocide? The justification for these expenditures comes with the usual invocation of Israel’s “right to defend itself” – which is in reality nothing but a cynical euphemism used to provide rhetorical cover for the wholesale destruction of an entire people.

Further, in light of a housing crisis in Miami – one of the least affordable housing markets in the country [3] – why would the mayor choose to spend the people’s taxes on genocide rather than even modest rental relief? The answer is simple: Levine Cava and the class she and her government works for is not the working class.

The communists, members of the CWPUSA in Miami-Dade, condemn Mayor Levine Cava as a morally bankrupt supporter of genocide and an enemy of the working class in Miami! We call for an end of all material support to Israel and a diversion of these funds to address the needs of the working people in the city. We condemn any provocations towards war against Iran and call for a total end of the occupation of Palestine and the genocide carried out against its people with the support of United States and – clearly – Maimi-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.