June 14, 2024

Dear comrades, 

We want to salute the comrades of the Brazilian Communist Party – Revolutionary Reconstruction (PCB-RR) for their Congress, which we view as a great step in developing strong links between communist and workers’ organizations dedicated to revolutionary regroupment in the Americas and the world over. In the face of escalating inter-imperialist tensions and a fragmented International Communist Movement, it is commendable that the communists of Brazil are acting decisively in this challenging and arduous task. 

Our current phase, characterized by the most parasitic stage of capitalism—imperialism—offers nothing to the people. In these times, international opportunist tendencies come forth to propose their bankrupt measures as supposed solutions to the poverty, exploitation, and misery faced by workers and people. The experiences of Brazil with the PT, along with the similar parties of the many other countries of the Americas and worldwide, confront the pendulum of social democracy, which swings once more for the needs of capitalist profitability. It attacks the working class and peoples to reverse all their hard-won rights under the guise of “progressiveness,” “socialism of the 21st century,” “humanized capitalism”, and so forth. These projects of capital are presented by those in “Marxist clothing” as a way out. For the working class of Brazil, they have their guide, the PCB-RR, to confront these agents of capital who share  responsibility for the suffering of the majority.

Under these complex conditions, the communists of the PCB-RR are forging a path forward to illuminate our shared objective of socialism-communism, a necessity in our era. We wish the PCB-RR great success in the work of its Congress. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the PCB-RR to strengthen the Marxist-Leninist Pole, the revolutionary camp of the International Communist Movement, and the cooperation between communists and workers in the United States and Brazil.

Central Committee of the U.S. Communist Workers Platform

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