May 20, 2024


Genocide in Gaza Continues Unabated

Nearly seven months have passed since the start of Israel’s genocidal rampage in Gaza. The death toll now stands at 35,000, 14,000 of whom are children [1]. Desolation on an apocalyptic scale now covers the majority of the Gaza Strip as Israel continues its wholesale slaughter of the Palestinians with unhindered cruelty. Horrifying scenes of mass graves containing 400 dead bodies (the majority women and children) have been discovered around the Al Shifa and Nasser hospitals in the wake of the IDF’s attack on the facility [2]. Many more bodies remain under rubble, raising the death toll even higher. Israel has bombed the Nuseirat refugee camp, killing over 500 [3]. The genocidal state has not discriminated in its killing of Palestinians but has also killed international aid workers as well. It is clear that the ruling bourgeois class in Israel, the planners of this war who are up to their shoulders in blood, expect to suffer no meaningful consequences for their act of genocide.

The “international community” has taken few steps to attempt to end Israel’s savagery. To the surprise of no one, the United States has continued its support and has gone further to cement its commitment to the Zionist project, approving billions more in military support and aid to Israel [4].

A Final Solution: The Invasion of Rafah

For weeks now, the Israeli army has been preparing a full invasion into Rafah where 1.5 million Gazans have fled to. More airstrikes and build-up of forces around the area leave the IDF poised for a full-scale invasion of the city in southern Gaza. This monstrous move would constitute a major escalation of Israel’s plan to exterminate the Palestinians as a nation. The invasion of Rafah would result in the expulsion of the majority of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, mainly to the harsh and barren Sinai Peninsula in Egypt where Gazans have already died from heat exposure in attempts to flee. For this, Israel and Egypt have been engaged in talks discussing the possibility of tens of thousands of Palestinians seeking refuge in Egyptian territory [5]. These talks of the lives of over a million people are disturbingly revelatory of the cold, mathematical view the capitalist ruling class of any nation has toward human life.

As of the publication of this article on 6 May 2024, Israel has begun its invasion of Rafah, issuing orders to the civilian population to evacuate to designated block numbers[6]. Israeli bulldozers have begun moving in to demolish buildings in the area.

The ruling bourgeoisie in Israel has been carrying out genocide in full view of the world with zero repercussions. Rather, the United States yet again reveals the vicious nature of its ruling class as $17 billion more in aid has been approved to Israel [7] as the death and devastation of Palestinian civilians under the Israeli’s monstrous campaign continues ceaselessly. The United States’ ruling class does not speak for the working people of the USA who want no part in this act of genocide, the money the rulers have provided Israel for the Final Solution is against the will of the people and exposes the farce that is our “democratic” government. The reality is that this government—regardless if it is headed by the Democratic or Republican party—represents the dictatorship of the ruling capitalist class over the working class. To that end, the US ruling class advances its interests abroad by shoring up Israeli military superiority, manufacturing and selling to Israel the bombs they are using to exterminate the people of Palestine.


The Danger of Wider War Heightens

In recent weeks, Iran and Israel have exchanged missile fire, drone attacks, and airstrikes, leading the region that is already teetering on the brink of wider war and devastation to the precipice of a broader conflict that would see devastation and death on an unimaginable scale. The CWPUSA and other communist organizations the world over have warned of this danger since the beginning of the genocide campaign in Gaza [8]. Of course, the working people of the states involved will suffer the brunt of the material and economic damage, paying with their own lives. At the same time, the ruling class in Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran devise their war aims with one calculus in mind: securing resources, trade routes, and profits for their monopolies against those of competing states. Such is the reality of imperialism in its full barbarity and naked profit-driven interest. Iran did not retaliate against Israel out of any moral indignation or real show of solidarity with the struggling Palestinians, but rather to secure the position of their ruling class at home and advance their reach abroad.

The Struggle for Socialism: Our Role in the Fight for Palestinian Liberation

At the time of the writing of this article, thousands upon thousands of students across the USA have escalated their solidarity demonstrations to direct actions by setting up encampments on university campuses, refusing to leave until their universities cut all ties and divest from the genocidal state of Israel. These students are risking arrest and personal safety as police have cracked down on the protestors with rubber bullets, tear gas, and batons. The CWPUSA has issued a statement standing firmly in support of these students, recognizing their courageous acts of solidarity with the suffering people of Palestine. It is clear, the students and workers of the US object to the support the US state is providing to Israel for the genocide. Not only do the students and workers object, but they are backing their stances with concrete, heroic demonstrations in support of the liberation of Palestine, and the end of the genocide. Every student and worker placing themselves at risk at these encampments are heroes, valiant fighters for the righteous cause of liberation. Such examples of international solidarity are deeply moving, and powerful. These brave students have the university administration, local governments, and even the federal government rattled.

Encampments on university campuses have sprung up like wildfire following the first in Columbia. The movement shines a light on the revolutionary energy latent in the students and workers of America. Following seven months of endless horror in Gaza, the people have not wavered in their support of the cause of Palestinian liberation and have correctly identified the key role the United States plays in shoring up the state of Israel to further imperialist machinations in the region. The students and workers recognize on a visceral level their responsibility to the Palestinian people to struggle within our own state against our own ruling class. However, the energy of the movement is outpacing the organization of the movement. Radical actions, such as the encampments, divorced from the ultimate struggle to overthrow capitalism should not be allowed to fizzle out or worse yet to be absorbed into the efforts of opportunist organizations such as DSA or PSL. These organizations have had a significant presence at many of these encampments, with such appearances as DSA member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez [9] and PSL presidential candidate Claudia de la Cruz [10]. While radical in rhetoric, none of these organizations advocate for the working class seizure of power and the smashing of the bourgeois state. If the communists cede this fervent ground to these debased careerists and professional opportunists, the energy of the students and workers cannot be cultivated and directed towards the ultimate victory, towards socialism-communism.

No matter how valiant, the encampments are ultimately spontaneous and have yet to be coordinated with the revolutionary movement for the overthrow of capitalism. Absent this connection, these radical actions will continue to manifest as conditions deteriorate in the global capitalist-imperialist system without reaching the critical mass and direction necessary to launch the assault on the ruling class.

Seven months of bombings, executions, and massacres all visible daily on social media feeds coupled with the escalation of the student movement heightens the urgency of fulfilling our responsibility to the cause of Palestinian liberation. To be clear, the responsibility of us revolutionaries in the US is to fight for the triumph of the working class over the ruling capitalist class, for the construction of socialism-communism in the United States. This is a long, protracted struggle with a definite aim. However drawn out the struggle may be, the spearhead of this historic clash is the organized, class-conscious proletariat: the communist party.