June 14, 2024

At 8:45 PM on 26 May 2024, Israel fired eight missiles into a designated safe zone camp where hundreds of Palestinians fleeing the genocidal war were living in tents. Israeli officials heinously claimed to be striking Hamas locations, despite the aerial photography showing the presence of the civilian tents days before.

The world has witnessed the hellish scenes in the aftermath. The burning tents and smoldering corpses broadcast on Al Jazeera, Eye on Palestine, and many other sources have put forward for the world to see the barbarity of Israel’s genocide on Palestine. In utter horror and infinitely cruel irony, the image of a beheaded Palestinian child pulled from the ashy ruins has received no attention from the bourgeois media who raised hell over the fabricated tales of Hamas decapitating children on October 7. The death toll following the bombings of the tents stands at 40 and climbing, the majority of them are women and children – many of whom were burned alive as the tents caught fire from the missile strikes.

Once again, the indescribable horror of the genocide in Gaza must remind revolutionaries the world over of their governments’ complicity in this historic tragedy. The United States government provides the munitions Israel uses to slaughter the whole of Gaza to make way for their monopolies to build a capitalist hellscape atop the ruins of Gaza. The endless stream of nightmarish images coming from Israel’s destruction of Gaza must serve as fuel for our fight to overthrow the genocidal capitalist-imperialist system through the launching of the socialist revolution in the USA – we owe the people of Palestine nothing less.