April 24, 2024

We had the opportunity to speak with the international representative of the Peruvian Communist Party during the VII Congress of the Communist Party of Mexico which proceeded during the climax of the protests in Peru. The content of the following interview is not what the comrade said verbatim but a summary of his responses. It is focused on the recent popular uprisings following the ousted social-democrat Pedro Castillo and his replacement by Vice President Dina Boluarte. The popular demonstrations are facing a brutal response by the Peruvian state. The repressive attack by the new government which holds the support of most bourgeois parties, including the party of Castillo, Free Peru, has resulted in more than 30 murders, dozens of injuries, and mass arrests. The CWPUSA condemns these murderous actions and joins the call of the other communist and workers’ parties for the immediate cessation of the killings and the release of all those arrested. The murderers and instigators of these attacks must be held accountable. In internationalist solidarity, the CWPUSA stands alongside the Peruvian Communist Party and the General Confederation of Workers of Peru, the two forces spearheading the workers’-peoples’ struggles. 

Can you tell us what the situation is right now with the protests in Peru?

The protests respond to the indignity of the population. Not just Castillo’s ouster, Congress has not represented the majority for years. Congress people are members of Parties that are criminal organizations. They defend exploitative mining contracts and the interest of the transnational monopolies. The indignity is because congress has had a low approval rating, now at 4%, for a long time and dares to make this blow against the movement. The people demand a constituent assembly. 

Can you tell us what is the role of the Peruvian CP in the protests?

The Peruvian CP proposed to Pedro Castillo a plan of action before he was elected, he agreed, then he put his own people in his cabinet. He has had three cabinets. Castillo had a group of consultants with ties to Fujimoristas. From this, he began to “flirt” with the right wing, and started ceding ground to them. He was told if he dissolves Congress he would be applauded. Previously, he had two legitimate cases where the Congress could have been dissolved but he blew it. Congress removed him in order to push through mining contracts but also because they are Fujimoristas, who wanted to defend “their queen” Keiko Fujimori. The people are asking for his release, but also a new constitution and new elections.

What do you want the communists in the United States to know? 

The Congressmen come from real criminal parties. We want communist parties to ask for the respect of the right to march, right to protest, right to life – to not be killed while protesting. There have been 23 people killed by the police and military who are suppressing the protests. Someone needs to be held responsible for these deaths. The police and military doing the repression should be jailed. This information doesn’t get out to the people due to the Peruvian capitalist media monopolies. They are lying; saying that everything is fine and that the protests are over.