July 18, 2024


World War I took the ideological and organizational crisis that existed in the Second International. Out of it, the revolutionary segments broke, reoriented, and went on to lead the working masses in revolution and the war against capital around the world. March 2nd, 1919 marked the first meeting of the Third International, a revolutionary International, The Comintern. 

The Comintern saw the Communist Parties from around the world from the victory of the Russian proletariat during the civil war, to a unified strategy in the wake of fascism in Europe. Its dissolution however, was unfortunate. Leaving us incapable of adapting to changing conditions and thus opportunist currents that had emerged to take hold, causing the proletariat’s vanguard to decay ideologically and organizationally. 

Today, with new Inter-imperialist conflicts being waged and a crisis in capital deepening the competition between the largest economic powers of the global imperialist system, similar crises that would lead to the creation of the Comintern are taking place. The war in Ukraine exacerbated the crisis in an already fractured the international communist movement, and made way for the creation of European Communist Action following the dissolution of the European Communist Initiative after the revolutionary section and the section sympathetic to imperialist Russia found the formation no longer viable. Organizations like  the CWPUSA, with the Marxist-Leninist pole of the International Communist Movement to look towards for inspiration, have emerged from and struggled against this same opportunism, seeking to establish revolutionary parties within our respective countries. As we march forward, the necessity for a unified scientific outlook and strategy for the global counteroffensive against capitalism-imperialism will only become more immediate. We must carry with us the lessons of the Comintern!