April 24, 2024

Editorial note: New Worker republishes the following statement of the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE).

The Communist Party of the Workers of Spain wants to convey its solidarity and support to
the members of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) in its struggle and public exposure
of the corruption of the Nicolás Maduro Government.

The recent cases —which directly connect the PSUV Government with big cases of corruption
and mafia structures— clearly state that all this process is just the tip of the iceberg.
Unfortunately, the PSUV has been acting for a long time as the oligarchy and their parties —
both the right-wing and social democratic ones— have always acted. They are using the State
as a means to get rich. The cases of corruption are now tied to the loss of up to 20 billions of
dollars. They are not an isolated fact, but one more case.

The PSUV and its Government have slandered and prosecuted those Venezuelans who have
denounced such practices from their position as oil workers. The Venezuelan Government
has “placed” and protected the corrupt leaders —in this case the state oil company PDVSA—
on many occasions, even after knowing the scandals of corruption. Its alleged struggle
against corruption is pure political marketing. They are not doing anything because it is one
more way to plunder and get rich.

The PCV has been exposing such practices for some time, warning about the danger of decay
of the PSUV Government and the non-existing advances towards socialism for so long. They
have paid a high price, they have been slandered by tying them up to American imperialism
and the Venezuelan far-right. These practices by the PSUV are paving the way to the yankee
imperialism and the old Venezuelan oligarchy, as these scandals are a weapon in their hands.
The resentment is growing among the people, as such million-dollar losses would have meant
a significant support for the lives of thousands of workers.

Those who are plundering the resources of the people are not revolutionaries.

Solidarity with the PCV in its struggle against the corruption of the Venezuelan

Press Office of PCTE