May 20, 2024

Editorial note: New Worker republishes the following statement of the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE).

The Communist Party of the Workers of Spain stands in solidarity with the struggle of the
working class in France in defense of their labor rights, against the pension reform proposed
by the government of Emmanuel Macron. This reform, which aims, among other measures,
to raise the retirement age to 64 years, is in line with the anti-working class and anti-popular
policy that the French government has followed in recent years.

The protests that have followed one another in the last two weeks are likewise a
continuation of those that have taken place in the neighboring country, with greater or lesser
intensity, since 2019. The continuous mobilization of the French working class has
prevented or, at least, minimized the capacity of impact of a government that manages in
favor of the interests of its monopolies and that is only sustained by the logic of the “lesser
evil” in the face of the program of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.

This reality does not only apply to the French reality. Different capitalist countries have been
taking similar measures for years to defend their own monopolies. Without going any
further, the PSOE-Unidas Podemos coalition government itself approved last week an
extension of the period of calculation of pensions up to 27 years, with the approval and
congratulations of the trade union centers of our country.

In France these weeks have shown that the organization of the working class is a
fundamental question to defend the interests of our class and that only united we are strong
to stand up to the capitalist governments. Our task as communists is to raise the mobilization
and organization to a higher level, a level that allows to solve the problems that we workers
have, that allows to build a system in which they do not play with our bread, a system that is
not based on the exploitation of the majority for the benefit of a few.

Solidarity with the French workers!

We defend pensions in France and in Spain!

PCTE Press Office