July 18, 2024


Today, February 24, marks two years since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine in 2022. The swift victory projected for Russia in the first weeks has given way to a stalemate, though the fighting continues, and the number of casualties continues to rise.

Within the broader communist movement, opportunist forces have chosen to side either with the Ukrainian state, backed by the US and EU imperialists, or with the Russian state as the “lesser of two evils.” By contrast, the CWPUSA maintains that this conflict constitutes an inter-imperialist war over control of the Ukrainian market and its resources. For communists, the only side we can support is that of the workers in both countries against the imperialists who seek to pit them against each other.

The victory of one imperialist faction over the other will not resolve this crisis. So long as the world remains dominated by rival capitalists, an end to one war will only sow the seeds for another. We call on the US working class to continue organizing for the socialist revolution and agitating for an end to the involvement of our country in the Russia-Ukraine war. Only socialism-communism can bring an end to the crises that define our age.