June 14, 2024

On December 1st, the Teamsters Local 89 announced they were expanding their representation of UPS workers, with the following roles being added into the bargaining unit: 

  • Part-time hub associates
  • Full-time OPS senior admin assistants,
  • Full-time auto senior admin assistants
  • Full-time OPS admin assistants

This is only two months off the heels of the shuttles, driven by workers under contract at ABM Industries responsible for transporting workers across the massive facility. Even more workers are in active campaigns, with the Pilot Van Drivers, (who are also ABM employees,) currently waiting on charges to clear through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), with their legal jurisdiction in question as there is speculation they could fall under the Railway Labor Act, according to correspondents at UPS Worldport.

The rank and file involved in organizing these workers include members of the Communist Workers Platform USA, and seeks to remedy some of the potential risks that were reported on by a worker correspondent in August, namely that of the expansion of positions being contracted to other companies. This includes the Pilot Van Drivers, who were turned over to ABM in July with a substantial cut in benefits.

The CWPUSA had concluded that the most recent contract struggle resulted in UPS workers winning a concessionary contract, with criticism being levied towards the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In response, CWPUSA members are on the ground, not only advancing to organize workers who will play a key role in future struggles against outright employer terrorism of UPS, but to elevate the level of consciousness of the workers to combat the collaborationist, reformist forces that exist within the trade union leadership.  

For information on the CWPUSA’s reporting of the most recent contract, read here: