July 18, 2024

Musician, Mistahi, gives New Worker a quick inside into the inspiration for his new song, “We are all Palestinian”.

First and foremost, the Palestinian people. Their heroic resistance to the latest Israeli acts of barbarism and the 75 years of sadistic state terrorism will stand in the halls of human history second to none. They will not submit to colonial occupation and expansion. The other source of inspiration is the outpouring of worldwide support for Palestine which shows a certain coming of age and maturing of people around the world. There is the realization that this is one humanity, one struggle, uniting against tyrants and their oppression. Israel’s total disregard for human life and the rights of all, and any semblance of international law, is unacceptable in a modern world. People sense the gravity and urgency of this moment in time. There is also growing recognition that the United States is propping up Israel as a military outpost in the “Middle East”. In addition to the US “war on terror” which destroyed one country after another in the Middle East, Israel is used to keep the Arab nations and people off balance so they do not form an independent united force which would be a bulwark against US imperialism. The ethos of American empire is to destroy what cannot be controlled and after all of the death and destruction they have orchestrated over the years, the myth of “Western democracy” and “human rights” has died in Gaza. The mask is off and as the song says, We are all Palestinian. The fight is on. Whatever part of the world you are in, Stand with Palestine, organize the people in the here and now to deal with imperialism in your country. Working people must have the say over important matters and confront the warmongers head on. Working people have the most to gain and are the only social force who have the motivation to sort out social contradictions and international problems with enlightenment and in a peaceful manner. I wish all people engaged in this fight the very best.