July 18, 2024


Today, March 8, we celebrate International Working Women’s Day, a focal point for the women’s liberation movement internationally. For communists, this day has a dual significance.

The women’s liberation movement is a vital component of the socialist revolution and the liberation of the working class. The double exploitation faced by women in our society is a consequence of the capitalist system, which requires unpaid domestic labor to maintain itself. Due to the legacy of feudal and patriarchal modes of production, women have historically been the ones to bear this labor, all on top of the crushing weight of wage labor. Thus, the struggle for the emancipation of women is inseparable from that of the liberation of the proletariat. This truth is born out by history, for socialists have always played a vital role in the fight for women’s rights, both under bourgeois dictatorship and within the once expansive socialist bloc, including the Soviet Union. Members of the Second International were even responsible for establishing the first International Women’s Day in 1911.

At the same time, the date itself, March 8 (OS February 23), has a special significance for Marxist-Leninists, for this date marks the start of the February Revolution in 1917, which saw the toppling of the Russian Tsar and paved the way forward for the socialist revolution. Indeed, the initial uprising was bolstered tremendously by crowds of International Women’s Day celebrators, who, at the time, were already gathered to protest the tsarist government’s food rationing. Working men, sent to die on the eastern front, and working women, left to starve at home, were thus united in revolt against the autocracy. Without the success of the February Revolution, there would have been no October Revolution, and all the potential offered by socialism in the 20th century would have evaporated.

Today, 107 years later, the CWPUSA remembers and celebrates all the workers and revolutionaries, past and present, who have fought for the liberation of working women worldwide. We carry this fight forward in our struggle against the forces of reaction, which seek to roll back even the scant rights won by women in bourgeois society. To that end, we persist in our task of restoring the communist party in the US, the only force capable of smashing the bourgeois state and establishing socialism in this country.

On this International Working Women’s Day, let us unite in the ongoing fight for the emancipation of working women. The march towards true equality and liberation is inseparable from the broader socialist revolution, and the Communist Workers’ Party of the USA remains committed to this cause. Join us in the relentless pursuit of justice as we work towards constructing a society built on the principles of socialism-communism.

The time to organize is now.