July 18, 2024

The recent maneuvers by the Student Government Association at Florida International University reveal a blatant disregard for the democratic principles that our universities should abide by. The Communist Youth Front-FIU stands firmly against the SGA’s anti-democratic moves and stresses the need for our fellow students and faculty to struggle for a university that truly represents the interests of its students and faculty.

During a meeting on June 24, the SGA decided they would use appointments to fill the sixteen vacant senate seats, bypassing the democratic election process. They initially set July 2 as the application deadline for these appointments but later extended it to July 5. On top of this, the information dissemination strategy employed by some SGA senators has raised serious concerns. Specifically, they have delayed publicizing the vacancies on the official SGA Instagram account, citing “procedural hurdles,” significantly limiting the time available for students to prepare and apply for these positions.

This tactic appears to be a deliberate effort to bar participation and transparency from those not friendly with the current SGA, ensuring that only a select few are sufficiently prepared to vie for these positions. Such actions are antithetical to the democratic values that should underpin the student government of any educational institution, let alone that of a university. They are thus a manifestation of the broader reality within capitalism, where power concentrates in the hands of a few well-to-do at the expense of the working-class masses in our workplaces, government, and universities.

As communists, we believe educational institutions should be democratically governed by students and faculty, ensuring that they act only in the best interest of the entire community. The current SGA’s actions are a stark reminder of the challenges we face in our struggle for a more equitable and democratic society.

The CYF-FIU is committed to fighting for a university governed and administered by the working class—its students and faculty. We envision a future where anti-democratic tactics are not only challenged but eradicated. We call on our fellow students to join us in organizing the struggle for a better university and world. Together, we can build institutions that reflect our collective class values and interests, free from the current constraints of capitalist exploitation and domination.

Let us unite in our efforts to create a democratic, inclusive, and just educational environment at FIU, where every student has the opportunity to be heard and participate meaningfully in the governance of their university.